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LFA 29 has 135 title up for grabs Friday Print E-mail
Written by Ben Pherson   
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 23:46

Legacy Fighting Alliance is returning to Minnesota on Friday night, and once again, the big show is bring a title fight with it.

LFA 29 is set for 5 p.m. Friday at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake. The show features a 135-pound title fight between Chico Camus and Ricky Simon in the evening's main event.

Tickets are on sale from participating fighters and at the Mystic Lake box office. They're also available online through the Mystic website and at cagetix.com.

Fights start at 5 p.m., with the AXS-TV live broadcast beginning at 8 p.m.

Once again, we tracked down LFA local matchmaker Jeremy Bjornberg to break down each fight, and our favorite fight predictor "Hawkeye Fighter" returns to Minnesota MMA News to give us his picks for the big show. Enjoy!

MAIN CARD (AXS, 8 p.m.)


Weight: 135 (fight is for the LFA 135 title).

Records: Camus is 18-5, while Simon is 10-1.

State ranking: Both fighters are from out of state.

Bjornberg's thoughts: "Ricky Simon is a total stud. I was able to see him fight live for Titan out in Washington a few years ago. At the time, he was a top prospect in the area. His coach at the time told me he's the best athlete he's ever worked with. He was a stud high school wrestler and has

amazingly hard leg locks. He's a very dangerous fighter. ... Chico is a vet, though. He knows what he's doing, he's fought the best of the best, and he has no plans of being a steppingstone. Chico is going to face an athlete who can wrestle, and Chico obviously is an outstanding wrestler as well. I love this fight. It's a killer main event."


Hawkeye fighter prediction: "This one is brutal, love me some Chico Camus, but this Simon kid is legit. Simon by unanimous decision."


Weight: 155.

Records: Richman is 18-7, while Peterson is 9-4.

State ranking: Richman is ranked No. 1 in Minnesota at 145, while Peterson is from out of state.

Bjornberg's thoughts: "Can you say fight of the year here in Minnesota? Peterson has been running through tough competition. He's moved his way up the ladder quickly in the last two years. Jeff is a true professional, and we love working with him. He has a well-rounded game, and he's fought many tough guys already. He's pretty solid in all areas. A win here really moves him into a great spot. But Richman is looking to get back on track. Everyone knows about Mike's striking, and I know he's not looking to just win this fight, he wants a devastating knockout. He will be headhunting, and he certainly has the power to deliver an exciting finish. This is definitely one to watch."

Hawkeye fighter prediction: "My boy Richman gonna let those hands go; second-round KO."


Weight: 155.

Records: Jenkins is 10-5, while Wittstock is 10-2.

State ranking: Jenkins is ranked No. 4 in Minnesota at 155, while Wittstock is from out of state.

Bjornberg's thoughts: "Wittstock has a fantastic ground game. Six of his last seven victories have come by way of submission. He's very slick on the ground, but he's also a fun striker. Carl will be looking to bounce back after losing to Travis Perzynski at LFA 20. Travis is also a stud, so there's no shame in that loss. Jenkins is a local standout from ATT of Savage. He's a well-rounded fighter who's darn near impossible to finish. He has loads of heart and always comes forward. Brandon and Wittstock have had some beef leading up to this fight, so I expect emotions to run high. They've been doing a lot of talking, but I'm sure it'll all be left in the cage Friday."

Hawkeye fighter prediction: "Jenkins second-round TKO."


Weight: 170.

Records: Witt is 10-4, while Freeman is 10-6.

State ranking: Both fighters are from out of state.

Bjornberg's thoughts: "Witt is another legit prospect. He's a guy who's very close to getting a call from the UFC. He's from Midwest powerhouse Glory out of Kansas City. James Krause and Joe Wooster are pumping out top prospects and I'm excited to see this kid in person finally. They've raved about him for a while. Freeman, I don't know a lot about him; he's from California and has been at it awhile. The LFA guys say this is a good test for Witt, so I'm sure they're not flying out someone who can't push him."

Hawkeye fighter prediction: "Witt first-round TKO."


Weight: 185.

Records: Cunningham is 3-0, while Garcia is 3-1.

State ranking: Cunningham is ranked No. 3 in Minnesota at 185, while Garcia is from out of state.

Bjornberg's thoughts: "What a sick fight. Alton is one of the Midwest's best prospects at 185. He's looking to make a name for himself, and a win in this one will do just that. He's been working his way up, and now he's taking a big step up here. Alton has devastating hands, and you don't want that dude on top of you. He rains down punches and is a finisher for sure. Garcia is a bad man, too. He's a standup fighter out of Kansas. He's already a Bellator vet, and he trains part time at Glory. Both guys hit incredibly hard; I don't see this one going the distance."

Hawkeye fighter prediction: "The Boman gonna go headhunting, Cunningham first-round KO."


Weight: 145.

Records: Toomer is 11-1, while Jennerman is 9-3.

State ranking: Both fighters are from out of state.

Bjornberg's thoughts: "This is an excellent standup fight. It'll be a real crowd pleaser. Toomer is a high-level striker out of California. He's only had one career loss and he just got caught. Toomer is another guy to watch; he could move up very quickly with a few impressive wins. Jennerman is also a great striker. He trains at Roufusport, which is the top striking gym in the Midwest. I expect fireworks in this one from start to finish. It'll keep the fans on their feet."

Hawkeye fighter prediction: "Toughest one to pick so far. Damn. Someone is going down hard, but not sure who it's gonna be. I'll take Toomer and feel not confident ... second-round KO."



Weight: 155.

Records: Shehan is 3-1, while Morvari is 11-6.

State ranking: Morvari is ranked No. 7 in Minnesota at 155, while Shehan is from out of state.

Bjornberg's thoughts: "Shehan is a high-level BJJ player from Eddie Bravo in Des Moines. He's coming off a submission loss to Bobby Lee, and I know that doesn't sit well with him being so fantastic on the ground. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Shehan is at his best on the ground, and that's where Morvari wants most fights. He's a great wrestler, strong all around. He also is coming off a loss to Bobby Lee in his return to MMA, but even in the loss, he represented himself well. I think most thought that wouldn't be a close fight, but Morvari was right there with him."

Hawkeye fighter prediction: "Shehan is my dude, can't pick against him. Shehan, third-round submission."



Weight: 195.

Records: Nash is 5-3, while Billy Simon is making his debut.

State ranking: Both fighters are unranked.

Bjornberg's thoughts: "Rodney Nash is much improved. He started out slow, but he's worked hard and really improved a ton since the first time I saw him. He's earned this spot. He's a grinder for sure. Billy Simon was at ATT of Savage for a few years, and now he trains under Mitch White at his own gym, along with Jason Wong and a few others. He's a great guy. He's an older guy, making his MMA debut, but he's a well-respected business man from the Prior Lake area. I'm really excited to see him compete. He's been fantastic to deal with, just a great person all around. I know he's older, but he's worked his butt off for this one, too. Billy will have a ton of fans there; he's really gotten out there and sold this fight. He's one to watch for sure, and we need more guys like him in this game."

Hawkeye fighter prediction: "Simon gets the job done, second-round submission."


Weight: 145.

Records: Sanchez is 3-0, while Al-Hameed also is 3-0.

State ranking: Al-Hameed is ranked No. 3 in Minnesota, while Sanchez is from out of state.

Bjornberg's thoughts: "Laura Sanchez is a former professional basketball player. He's one of the hardest-working fighters at Roufusport and really one of their top all-around prospects. She's legit. This will be a huge step up for Akeela. But Akeela is legit, too. She's been with Tom Schmitz and Spartan for a while now. They wanted a good test for her, and there aren't many willing to step up and take her on. Akeela is very, very strong, and she's good on the ground and on the feet. This really might be one of the best fights on the card."

Hawkeye fighter prediction: "Two of the baddest females out there, gotta go with Sanchez getting it done with a split decision."


Weight: 155.

Records: Hernandez is 9-4, while Sadozai is 4-2.

State ranking: Hernandez is No. 10 in Minnesota at 155, while Sadozai is unranked.

Bjornberg's thoughts: "Love this fight. Juan had been training to fight down in Austin for us, but he stepped up to fill this spot on somewhat short notice, though he was training and getting ready for a fight anyway. Still, this is another level. Juan has been a warrior for us. He's one of the most exciting fighters we have around here. He swings for the fences, and he is not afraid to bang with anyone. If he hits you, you're falling down. Juan also is improving on the ground. He's been around the game long enough, he's pretty solid all over. Yamah is improving, too. He's moved over to Spartan now, and he's improving every day over there. He's another one of those guys we just love to work with. He does all the right things as an amateur, and those are the guys we keep around. Yamah is looking to bounce back, get back on track. He loves to stand toe-to-toe with guys, too, so this could be a great fight."

Hawkeye fighter prediction: "Hernandez, second-round KO."


Weight: 150.

Records: Milhausen is 2-0, while John is 3-1.

State ranking: Both fighters are unranked.

Bjornberg's thoughts: "Micah John is at Next Level Combat, and Dave Menne is over there now. They're starting to pick up more people, and I'm sure Micah is learning a lot from a vet like Dave. Milhausen is a good wrestler, and just a solid athlete. He looked very good in his debut for us. This spot came up, and he jumped at the opportunity. He's one to watch moving forward, and we'll see how both guys handle the big stage."

Hawkeye fighter prediction: "Milhausen, second-round TKO."


Weight: 135.

Records: Buros-Nash is 6-3, while Bautista is 6-1.

State ranking: Both fighters are from out of state.

Bjornberg's thoughts: "Good, solid fight to kick things off. Buros-Nash is a kid who just seems to get the job done. He's a good wrestler, and he wears people down. He keeps coming forward and just finds ways to get the job done. Bautista is from Roufusport, and he's a solid prospect. He's good on the ground and on the feet. I'm not sure where this fight will go, but I think it has a good chance to be solid anywhere it goes."

Hawkeye fighter prediction: "Bautista, third-round TKO."




LFA 29



135 — Ricky Simon vs. Chico Camus.

155 — Jeff Peterson vs. Mike Richman.

155 — Carl Wittstock vs. Brandon Jenkins.

170 — Ty Freeman vs. Jason Witt.

185 — Alton Cunningham vs. Dominic Garcia.

145 — Sam Toomer vs. Nate Jennerman.

PRO UNDERCARD (not televised)

155 — Damion Shehan vs. Ashkan Morvari.


195 — Rodney Nash vs. Billy Simon.

145 — Laura Sanchez vs. Akeela Al-Hameed.

155 — Juan Hernandez vs. Yamah Sadozai.

150 — Coty Milhausen vs. Micah John.

135 — Zach Buros-Nash vs. Bryan Bautista.